What this is.

I don’t publish everything I write. An overwhelming majority of things, really. They’ve been sitting in a folder and I wanted to get them out there.

It’s not because they’re bad: some are bad fit for anywhere paying and I don’t know what to do with them; some were written for a weekly fiction competition I enter and have been sitting in a forum archive that’s hard to point people at; some of them were written for a specific publication and rejected, but I’m still proud of them and wanted to put them out there.

I also write about tech, trying to break down complex infosec issues in digestible ways, and sometimes I go off about media analysis because why try to do something when you could try to do EVERYTHING?

This site is for my odds and ends, for my weird stuff that doesn’t fit, or didn’t sell, but I still have a place for in my heart.

If you want to see what that did sell, my debut novel The Dawnhounds won Best Novel at the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2020 and won me Best New Talent. It’s about lesbian warlock pirates fighting the cops in a city where everything is made out of mushrooms. The main one has to solve her own murder. There’s a cool living boat in it. It’s immensely strange and it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

“a wonderful queer noir fever dream”
—Tamsyn Muir, author of The Locked Tomb trilogy

“The Dawnhounds packs hard-hitting, mind-bending weirdness into a story that’s still touching and human. If you’re looking for gritty queer spec fic that isn’t unrelentingly grim, you’ve found it.”
—Casey Lucas, author of Into the Mire

“Don’t Waste Your Time. Poorly Written.”
—Amazon User ‘Nicholas’

“If Gideon the Ninth is goth, The Dawnhounds is her punk best friend.”
—My Agent, Dave. He’s a good bloke.

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