About me

Depending on who you ask, I’m Alex, or Alexander, or Sandy, or Sascha, or Xander. I’ve traditionally gone by the last one when selling fiction but I’ve been moving away from it in recent years. I’m not a big deal, but I like to think I’m a medium deal in New Zealand short fiction circles. I once wrote to Esquire about Metalhead Wizards fighting demons with the Power of Rock and they actually published it; today I mostly write about LGBT+ Wizards saving the world with the Power of Love. There’s still a lot of metal and demons.

I also write accessible tech content, breaking down complex issues for anybody to understand—hire me to write about why computers are going to kill us all and/or bring about robo-utopia.

If you want a complete list of all fiction on this site, check out the index.

I released by first novel in November 2019 and it’s selling better than expected and I reckon—if you like everything else you’ve seen here—you’ll love it.

Come here, little shipwreck: I’ve a story to tell.
One that starts with a death, and ends with a kiss.

The Dawnhounds is Adult Spec-Fic/New Weird, LGBT+, complete manuscript at 83k. A doomed ship rolls through the fog, its crew fallen victim to a horrifying engineered plague. A young police officer—demoted to the night shift after being caught in a gay bar—stumbles upon its deadly trail. As the threads of conspiracy tighten around her, she must make common cause with a crew of pirates, and an ancient chthonic intelligence that calls itself Monkey. The wonders of alchemical botany make Hainak a city like no other—where men work magic by splicing plant matter onto animal tissue, where a titanic wall divides the city in half, where flesh is as malleable as steel. Death comes to the patchwork city, and only its outcasts can save it.

You might’ve heard Tamsyn Muir talking it up, or you might’ve heard of it because it won Best Novel at the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2020, at WorldCon78. I have NZ representation covered, but we are currently interested in negotiating international rights. You can reach my agent Dave at dragnew [at] agnew [dot] net [dot] nz.

For enquiries, you can email me at amstronach [at] gmail [dot] com or via Twitter DMs @understatesmen. If you’re a bookseller looking to order copies, please contact Littlehookpress [at] gmail.com.