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Utilizing modern, AI-driven data warehousing and big data visualizations, our teams engage in a systematic analysis of all areas of our production pipeline in order to deliver elegant digital solutions.

Our engineers have a combined 500 years’ experience, and specialise in the optimization and refinement of systems. It’s not 1976 any more: modern problems need modern solutions. Our company uses a CRISPR-like blockchain process in order to streamline the delivery of crucial data analytics into your business pipeline.

Our ethos IS our digital strategy. We work hard, play hard. We enable small businesses to live their dreams. We will plant a flag on the moon for you. Utilizing IOT assets for maximum effect, we will come to your house for dinner.

Our CMS comes with built-in SEO and DRM, with a handy WYSIWYG editor that helps you take your eCommerce storefront to the next level. Our CMS comes with CRM. Our CSM is afire, atop a hill at dawn, staring down into the barren valley below.

Our digital strategy is to drink from the cloud. Our digital strategy is to pray in locked rooms. Our digital strategy helps to supercharge your small eCommerce business.

We are inside your point of sale, maximizing our efforts to engage in hyperbolic supercharging. We are circling the great drain, wreathed in Saint Elmo’s fire, sliding between the plug and plug-hole, splicing ourselves with the sky as the future bears down.

We are the bleeding edge of digital strategy. We are raw. We are riding the block chain, screaming skyclad, laying down salt to keep the self-driving cars at bay. The cloud will bring rain and the rain will wash the salt away and I do not know what comes next.

Sascha Stronach is an author, poet, and editor from Pōneke, New Zealand. If you’re here via WorldCon stuff, you can find more info about The Dawnhounds (which won the SJV Award for Best Novel at WorldCon 78) here.

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